Added conspicuous international design prizes:


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Package PrizeFashion Garment PrizeBuilding PrizeMultidisciplinary Prize
Milan PrizeNational Awards PrizeDesigners PrizeExpostitions Prize
Manufacturing Machinery PrizeItalians PrizePrime PrizeStreet Furniture Prize
Magnificient PrizeJournal PrizeAdvanced PrizeWonderful Prize
Greatest Designers PrizeAdvertisement PrizeContests PrizeInspiring Prize
Professional Artists PrizeArt Materials PrizeDiligence of Technology PrizeDesignprix Prize
Financial Products PrizeArchitecture Projects PrizeBusiness Strategy PrizeEntertainment Products Prize
Tableware PrizeArt Events PrizeConference Rooms PrizeYellow Goods Prize
Black Goods PrizeOutranking Furniture PrizeExhibition Centers PrizeDigital Devices Prize
Electronic Goods PrizeExhibition Spaces PrizeDesign Business PrizeNews Prize
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